The Relais il Margarito is located in the center of the farm, and has five suites for the most demanding Guests. A thick hedge of holms divides it from the fields.

The entrance hall shows a perfect cleanliness of shapes... the simple furniture and the light colors give a feeling of relax.The daily life enjoys the large rooms... you can feel the sweet life of ancient days. From the windows, the view is the same as it was centuries ago.

The ground floor living room: it seems that the country is part of this room: every window seems a painting where the sight gets lost in the kind contrast between the precious antique family furniture and the sweetness of the outside panorama.

The large dining room and the breakfast room are separated by a old stone fireplace: the absence of doors makes the rooms magically hiding and revealing themselves.

The upper floor living room... A large fireplace invites to relax... in the charming atmosphere of this room where the wooden library grabs your attention with the beauty and the rarity of the books. Old fashion armchairs ease your relax with shyness and friendship.